November 7, 2014

short legs

Everyone has their little quirk or "flaw" that they worry about, when in reality, no one else would ever notice it or consider it a problem. Mine has always been my short legs...

In my eyes, I have an extremely long torso and short to average length legs. However, my legs are fine, they're better than great. They have never failed me and take me everywhere I go, so why do I still critique them?  

I encourage all of you to recognize your quirks and embrace them, love them, because they're what makes you so wonderfully and undeniably you! I know it's cheesy, but your outlook changes everything. 

I found these black pants at Gap and absolutely love how they fit my shortie legs... That's the trick. If you need some help changing your mind about yourself, let clothes help you. Find something you feel good in and the rest of your day will feel better too. 

I paired these black skinnies with my black Dolce Vita booties which gives the illusion of longer legs. Ha!
Paired it all with one of my favorite FreePeople tees.

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