November 27, 2014

car-ride comfy

Long car rides are tricky...
You want to be comfy but also want to look cute when you arrive.
What do you do?!

I've had this same pair of American Eagle jeans for 8 years, so you can only imagine how soft and relaxed they are. 
The Free People waffle knit shirt is perfect for this chilly November weather because it's warm & cozy but not too bulky to inhibit your driving. 
Paired it all with one of my favorite necklaces from Earthbound Trading Company and of course my new favorite purchase, my beanie from Neff Headwear. 

Made it home for thanksgiving without looking like a total bum.

I'd love to see y'all's go-to travel outfits...!

November 12, 2014

fancy is fun

Happy birthday to my dear friend and roommate Kate Lee. Dinner at Babalu's in downtown Birmingham.

So happy that she is in my life and has impacted me in so many ways.
Including her impeccable sense of style and glitter. 

Keep doing you, Kate Lee. You're wonderful. 

Dress is from Forever 21

Sweater is by Michael Kors

Black Booties are from Charlotte Russe

Necklace was a gift :)

November 7, 2014

short legs

Everyone has their little quirk or "flaw" that they worry about, when in reality, no one else would ever notice it or consider it a problem. Mine has always been my short legs...

In my eyes, I have an extremely long torso and short to average length legs. However, my legs are fine, they're better than great. They have never failed me and take me everywhere I go, so why do I still critique them?  

I encourage all of you to recognize your quirks and embrace them, love them, because they're what makes you so wonderfully and undeniably you! I know it's cheesy, but your outlook changes everything. 

I found these black pants at Gap and absolutely love how they fit my shortie legs... That's the trick. If you need some help changing your mind about yourself, let clothes help you. Find something you feel good in and the rest of your day will feel better too. 

I paired these black skinnies with my black Dolce Vita booties which gives the illusion of longer legs. Ha!
Paired it all with one of my favorite FreePeople tees.

October 27, 2014

Sunday best

A good dose of Jesus on Sunday morning is just plain good for the soul. I'm very thankful to have been introduced to and able to attend Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL.

Let us be willing and intentional will all we do, always acknowledge our own God given gifts.
They will know is by our love and how we live for Him.
God has given us so many blessings, including the ability to share ours with others.
I am one lucky child of God...

My church outfit that almost always turns into a chapter outfit when layered with a long cardigan.

You can find the dress at Forever 21, and who woulda thought that these taupe wedge booties I love so much would be a cheap find from Charlotte Rousse.
They go with almost everything!
Stay tuned and I'm sure they'll man an appearance in a few more posts.

P.S. Shoutout to my sister Erin for lending me the dress :)

October 22, 2014

what a good day looks like

I have recently discovered my love for fitness. There is nothing better than feeling healthy, especially after a good workout or sweat session.  In the fashion industry it is too easy to get distracted with sizes and numbers instead of appreciating how the clothes fit and how you feel in your own skin.  This is an ongoing battle for so many people, including myself.

Life is all about balance. Everything in moderation. A great and balanced day for me includes some sort of physical activity and something that makes my tummy happy. I am so tired of being sad by girls who count every calorie and "punish" themselves in various ways when they stray from their diets. 

Here is my moderation. People, I am here to encourage you to push yourself. Get active! Your heart will thank you, and then you get to treat yourself, guilt-free!

October 20, 2014

white after Labor Day

I have a hard time following this fashion rule...I am a firm believer in "if you like it, wear it". There is no need to worry about what society is going to say about the color of your top or the length of your cuffed jean. 

Freak what ya feel. This weekend I was feeling my favorite 3/4 sleeved dress that jut so happened to be white. But mostly because it went great with my brand new Dolce Vita booties. 

Fall is here and fall is "rules" are not. 

October 17, 2014

intern life

My absolute favorite part about working with the Birmingham Music Club...dressing up for the big events!

Found this 5 year old red dress from Urban Outfitters when I went home last weekend. Paired with my brand new fall sweater from Tilly's and my fancy booties. 

Able to run around completing tasks like a crazy person while still looking decent.

here it goes...

Trying to pursue this passion of mine and achieve the goals I've been talking about since middle school.

Bear with me as I post occasional selfies...I want to encourage whatever style I've got in me. 

This picture is also a shoutout to my wonderful sister...
"Rare is the day I do not think about you."

Michelle sent me a sweet note and an even sweeter tank: nap team captain. 

Surprise gifts like this are way too fun. 

October 11, 2014

acrylic ink

SO thankful my favorite art teacher showed me this beautiful medium.

here's the product of my playing...

July 11, 2012